Extraordinarily charming park designed in English style around a series of picturesque ponds on built on the Trzemna River.

A Few Photos

It is one of the oldest and largest gardens designed in the English style in the second half of the 19th century. Its creators are Countess Izabella Działyńska from the princely family of Czartoryski, Count Jan Działyński and their talented gardener Adam Kubaszewski. The Gołuchów park is an excellent example of naturalistic gardens enriched with dendrological collections of very rare species from around the world. The park-arboretum includes a nearly 3-kilometer Valley of the Trzemna (or Ciemna) River, which is a tributary of the Prosna River, and the total park area amounts to some 160 hectares. More information here.



NOTE: The price is in Swiss Francs and not in Polish Zloty (PLN). Please restrain yourself if you want to call just to say it's expensive!

190 000


UWAGA: Cena w walucie, nie w polskich złotych. Prosimy nie dzwonić tylko po to, żeby powiedzieć, że drogo!

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