One of those places in our country that you never get enough of. It invariably attracts crowds of locals, guests from other parts of the country as well as from abroad. 

A Few Photos

The Gołuchów Castle is a true manifesto of the 19th century, Romantic Neo-Renaissance. Its special atmosphere, interesting museum collection of historic pictures, furniture and other artifacts is strengthened by the passionate museum personnel. One of those must-see things! It is best to do it in person, but below you can take a look at some photos.



NOTE: The price is in Swiss Francs and not in Polish Zloty (PLN). Please restrain yourself if you want to call just to say it's expensive!

190 000


UWAGA: Cena w walucie, nie w polskich złotych. Prosimy nie dzwonić tylko po to, żeby powiedzieć, że drogo!

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