A Lakeshore House


The house on is located on the shoreline of the Gołuchów Lake. Its postal address is: Czerminek 51, 63-322 Gołuchów. From the door of the house to Gołuchów there is about one and a half kilometers, to Kalisz 17km, to Poznan 100km, to Łódź and Wrocław roughly 130 km. You can reach the A2 motorway in Września or Konin, after driving some 70 km.

The House

The semi-detached has a total floor area of 114.6m2, including single car garage. It stands on the plot of 355m2, with the southern edge of the plot adjacent to the border of the lake area, and from the fence to the water there is some 3m. Nearby there is a descent to the water, where you can launch a canoe, kayak or a small boat. The house is fully equipped, furnished and ready to move in. See gallery.


Czerminek is a small village, including slightly over 50 households, and stretching along the west bank of the Trzemna (or Ciemna) River, which supplies water to the Gołuchów Lake. On the opposite side of the lake there are picturesque meadows and farmers’ fields, and behind them there is a sizable forest, inhabited by many species of animals and birds, which you can observe through your windows all year round.

After driving for about a kilometer and a half on a perfectly maintained tarmac road, which runs between two rows of magnificent, more than a hundred years old lime trees, you reach the Municipal Office of the historic village of Gołuchów. In Gołuchów there are, among others: a reputable school and kindergarten complex, including modern and well-equipped sports hall and employing highly professional teachers, then there is health center, pharmacy, police station, and located on the lake shore as well Gołuchów Tourist and Sport Center offering accommodation and various attractions on the lakeside beach. 

However, there is no doubt that the greatest attraction of Gołuchów is the historic castle and the surrounding park spreading over a hundred hectares. The Neo-Renaissance castle built by Izabela Działyńska née Czartoryska has no lesser charm than the world-famous French castles along the Loire river, while the park is by itself a pearl of the landscape architecture at the European level.



NOTE: The price is in Swiss Francs and not in Polish Zloty (PLN). Please restrain yourself if you want to call just to say it's expensive!

190 000


UWAGA: Cena w walucie, nie w polskich złotych. Prosimy nie dzwonić tylko po to, żeby powiedzieć, że drogo!

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